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Poster number Presenter Title
S5-P.01 Mukhtar Ahmed Multimodal ensemble approach to study elevated CO2 effects on wheat productivity
S5-P.02 Paola Bongiovani Vulnerability of cassava yield to climate change in Brazilian Semi-arid region
S5-P.03 Gennady Bracho Mujica A method for simulating risk profiles of wheat yield in data-sparse conditions
S5-P.04 José Manuel Cabezas-Luque AdaptaOlive: A tool for assessing the impact of climate change on olive crop
S5-P.05 Babacar FAYE Impact of climate sensitivity on agriculture systems in West Africa: Case of Senegal
S5-P.06 Sophie Gendre Sowing date and precocity evolution on maize biomass and water availability in France in a climate change context
S5-P.07 Jose Guarin Testing a crop model with extreme low yields from historical district records
S5-P.08 Hudaverdi Gurkan Estimating the Potential Impact of Climate Change on Sunflower Yield in the Konya Basin of Turkey
S5-P.09 Toshichika Iizumi Simulating the two heat-tolerant wheat varieties grown in Sudan using CYGMA global gridded crop model
S5-P.10 Leilei Liu Impacts of 1.5 and 2.0¡C global warming on rice production across China
S5-P.11 Álvaro López-Bernal A spatial assessment of climate change impacts on the productivity and irrigation requirements of olive orchards
S5-P.12 Ignacio Lorite AdaptaNuts: A tool for assessing the impact of climate change on almond crop
S5-P.13 Christoph Müller Comprehensive global climate impact assessment for crop yields
S5-P.14 Christoph Müller High Yield Regions Move Poleward Less Than Expected Under Climate Change in Globally-Gridded Crop Simulation
S5-P.15 José Luis Noriega Impact of climate change on irrigated maize production in Mexican subtropical conditions
S5-P.16 Vera Potopová CROPGRO-Tomato model for simulating impact of compound climate events on tomato grown
S5-P.17 Alfredo Rodriguez Chilling accumulation in fruit trees for evaluating their viability in Spain under climate change
S5-P.18 Margarita Ruiz-Ramos Influence of climate variability on the forage production of a permanent grassland in the French Massif Central
S5-P.19 Paula Toro-Mujica Modeling of the production of Mediterranean natural grassland facing climate change scenarios
S5-P.20 Tien-Cheng Wang Model-assisted evaluation of yield stability in wheat
S5-P.21 Sebastian Gayler Impact of regional climate model input and soil map resolution on projected winter wheat production in SW Germany
S5-P.22 Mokhele Moeletsi Evaluation of maize growing periods in the eastern Free State region, South Africa using DSSAT crop model
S5-P.23 Won-Ho Nam Application in Agricultural Drought Management using Remote Sensing-Based Evaporative Stress Index of Crop Yield
S5-P.24 Céline Schoving Assessing the suitability of soybean crop in France under present and future climates by a simple phenological model
S5-P.25 Mariem Baccar ASCROM : A crop model designed to simulate agricultural water constraints in semi arid areas from plot to territory
S5-P.26 David Camilo Corrales Control of ascochyta blight in pea/wheat intercrops based on quantitative modelling
S5-P.27 Santiago Cuadra Soybean Yield Gap over the Brazilian Cerrado
S5-P.28 Abera* Desta Model-based yield gap analysis and constraints of rainfed sorghum production in southwest Ethiopia
S5-P.29 Henrique Dias Sugarcane yield future scenarios in Southern Brazil as predicted by the APSIM-Sugar model with a new feature for transpiration efficiency
S5-P.30 Yun-Feng Duan Evaluating soil organic N balance under different crop rotations with grass-clover leys using Daisy simulation
S5-P.31 Sébastien Gervois AZODYN-rapeseed: a dynamic crop model to simulate the performance of rapeseed crop in constrasting environnements
S5-P.32 Chunfeng Gu A global meta-analysis on weed suppression in annual intercropping
S5-P.33 Laurent Huber Towards the evaluation of crop disease response models to climate change adaptation : the OPERATE project
S5-P.34 Joachim Ingwersen Coupling the land surface model Noah-MP with the crop growth model Gecros: Model description, calibration and validation
S5-P.35 Camilla Mathison Improving the simulation of crops in South Asia
S5-P.36 Christoph Müller Implementation of multiple cropping into a global gridded crop model
S5-P.37 Xiaolei Qiu Multi-model estimates of yield gaps across the main rice-growing regions of China
S5-P.38 Sabine Seidel Modelling crop growth and soil organic carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus at the long-term fertilizer experiment Dikopshof
S5-P.39 Abdullahi Tofa Modelling maize response to N application in the Nigeria savannas with and without P fertilization
S5-P.40 Chenzhi Wang Spatial pattern of trend of the occurrence of crop pests and disease in China and its drivers
S5-P.41 Oscar Castillo In-season yield forecast analysis for peanut in Georgia, USA using CRAFT-DSSAT
S5-P.42 Jonas Jaegermeyr A global review of local yield forecasting approaches and the required data resources
S5-P.43 Saurav Suman Institutionalizing crop modelling in Nepal using CRAFT (CCAFS Regional Agricultural Forecasting Toolbox)
S5-P.44 Marie-Odile Bancal Identifying eligible crop adaptations to climate change: application to sectors of wheat, potatoes and sunflower.
S5-P.45 Reza Deihimfard Towards optimal G_E_M to improve maize productivity and water use efficiency under hot areas and global warming
S5-P.46 Andrea Catalina Fajardo Adaptation to climate change in the agriculture in Lower-Saxony, Germany: soybean production potential in the future
S5-P.47 Pete Falloon A UK climate-crop modelling capability for impact assessments on food security: plans and progress
S5-P.48 Margarita Garcia-Vila Could crop irrigation requirements be reduced under future climate scenarios?
S5-P.49 Asha Karunaratne Application of DSSAT for climate change impact assessments and possible adaptation measures in rice farming, Sri Lanka
S5-P.50 Jaromir Krzyszczak Modelling of wheat production with the use of 3 crop models to assess impact of climate change and adaptation strategies
S5-P.51 Francisco Meza Vulnerability Map for Chilean Agriculture: Using crop and niche models to assess future impacts and adaptation options
S5-P.52 William Nelson How much can irrigation reduce climate-induced risk to sustainably intensifying maize production in southern Africa?
S5-P.53 Diego Pequeno Climate impact and adaptation for global wheat production
S5-P.54 Paramveer Singh Identifying Optimum Irrigation Strategy for Winter Canola in the Southern High Plains of the USA
S5-P.55 Abdou Traoré Designing cotton and durum wheat cropping system ideotypes by simulation for the future in the Mediterranean basin
S5-P.56 Marloes van Loon Intensifying or expanding cereal cropping in Africa: impacts on greenhouse gas emissions
S5-P.57 Ana Villa Climate change impacts on crop growth and N leaching in contrasting regions - vulnerable areas at varying spatial scales
S5-P.58 Yanmin Yang Prediction on cotton yield and water demand under future climatic change and possible adaptation
S5-P.59 Florian Zabel Agricultural Adaptation Potentials to Climate Change
S5-P.60 Maurizio Bacci How to transfer crop modelling effectiveness in decision making processes. The experience of the IBE-WMO RTC in Africa
S5-P.61 Nargish Parvin Coupling a soil-crop model with tools for bio-economic analysis to assess the costs of soil compaction
S5-P.62 Julia M. Schneider Integrative trade-off analysis between agricultural land requirements, food security and biodiversity