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Data curation Linked Data Computational Psycholinguistic Modeling Web of data Linked data Spatial Maps Alignement d'ontologies Ontology matching Agriculture Data conversion NoSQL Graph Databases MapReduce Anchoring Gradual Patterns Ingénierie des Exigences Ontology repository Cross-lingualisme Data Management Data Reservoirs Data laboratory Background Knowledge Concept Label Business Rules Data Governance Autisme diagnosis Ontologies biomédicales Classification Derivation External resource Data Gravity Data Warehouses Approximate reasoning RDF Data identification Data Lab Data Lake Biomedical ontologies Data Heterogeneities Data Warehouse Requirements Engineering Cypher query language Architecture ouverte Data lake NoSQL Fuzzy join CIDOC-CRM Semantic annotation Data governance Gradual patterns Instance matching Données liées Linked open data Data linking Compositional-Lexical Semantics Data mapping Cartography Visualization Ontology alignment Blockchain FRBRoo Data crossing Indirect matching Data integration Data Summaries Agronomy Coastal Hazards Ecosystem Data Laboratory Background knowledge selection Biodiversity Web sémantique Cross-references Agricultural semantics Data Linking Data Mining Potentially Avoidable Hospitalizations Machine learning Computational Semantics Agrifood data Agronomie Semantic indexing Annotation sémantique Mapping selection Alignment incoherence Data models Background knowledge Ontology Attributs ordinaux BioPortal Graph Databases Ontologies Calcul scientifique Biological and biomedical ontologies Alignement d’ontologies Data lakes Semantic web Similarity join Agricultural data sources Categorial Proof Nets Approximate Cypher Queries Data interlinking